Reach Out | Ben Peachey, eBioAtlas 

eBioAtlas has great ambitions: to become the Google Maps of wildlife. We haven't got the metrics, the data, to understand accurately the threats and pressures on wildlife. Yes, we know we're losing biodiversity, but not how to measure that loss. eBioAtlas knows it can help, by filling that gap. But how can we help eBioAtlas? Ben Peachey's Reach Out is about finding a LEAD SPONSOR for the ambitious project. Do you know someone who would fit the bill? It is also about finding PARTNERS – e.g., companies who will commit to sharing data from their own environmental impact assessments through eBioAtlas. It's a fascinating development and one that could frame future discussions about environmental impact and biodiversity loss. Find out more at And you can contact Ben by a direct message on neoHome. 


News cover image: Eric Carlander/Alamy Stock Photo

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