The Regeneration Game: Soil as the New, Old Solution

This post starts with two films, both quite different but inspiring, and also proof that people can act on their convictions. I am talking about regenerative agriculture — and the films are “Kiss the Ground” — a must-view; and the second is a documentary series in 10 parts paddocks: “Carbon Cowboys” which, if it shows you only one thing, is never to judge a book by its cover. Livestock is a big part of the GHG emissions problem, but it can be part of the solution.

The leads me to the second thread of this post: soil. “A nation that builds its soil builds its future.” This is the powerful phrase that greets users when they open up the home page of Soil Policy Action, a US-based initiative coming out of the Kiss the Ground group. The site highlights additional resources to help drive understanding, and thereby change.

One such resource is Regeneration International with a mission to promote regenerative food, farming and land management; a vision of “a healthy global ecosystem in which practitioners of regenerative agriculture and land use, in concert with consumers, educators, business leaders and policy makers, cool the planet, feed the world and restore public health, prosperity and peace on a global scale”. They are also in the process of building “Regeneration Alliances” in South Africa, India, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Canada, and the American Midwest. I’ll be posting some of their webinar events, so look out for them.

This, I hope, is part of the ongoing discussion. Please share any projects that you are working on in this area. There’s always room for good news.

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