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It’s been a pretty key week for climate change action and ambition on the global stage. Who’s been tracking the UN’s live feed? When it comes to big moves, the Planetary Emergency Plan is one of those declarations that we can all just hope world leaders act on with as much conviction as they have put pen to paper for their signatures.

Sandrine Dixson-Declève, as Co-President of The Club of Rome, has been at the centre of this initiative, and she is this week’s Talking Head. We published the films early to time better with the PEP launch. Sandrine, who is also one of our Climate + Energy curators, says some great, energising stuff that speaks to real action in this area.

1. A Three-Minute Shortcut with Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Co-President, The Club of Rome


Catch up with the full 25-minute interview on neoHome, and if you still haven't activated your account, use the link below to jump on in and have a look around.

If you missed Mark Tercek last week, take a look on the Talking Heads page. This is someone who's spent many years in the banking world (with Goldman Sachs) but who has also led one of the biggest global non-profits in the world, The Nature Conservancy. He knows a thing or two about making things happen, but also making things happen with business on your side. 

Don't forget: if there is anyone you would like to see in our Talking Heads | Getting Stuff Done series let us know. Email us at with your suggestions.

2. Caffeine Collaboration

How many of you have thought about coffee grinds? So many nations appear to run on coffee (please remember, this is being written by someone sitting in a country that grew an empire, unashamedly, on tea). One of the projects posted this week is a community-based environmental project in northern Greece in which coffee grounds are being recycled for heat and energy production. The team there are looking to scale the project throughout the rest of Greece and the EU. They are also looking for some technical expertise to help them achieve this. If you are that expertise, or you know someone who might be able to help, do go check out the project and make contact. They would love to hear from you. 

3. The neoHome Network Continues to Grow

It's great to see so many people joining us from around the world. We'd like to hear from you, too. There are some over-arching questions we are going to start to highlight on neoHome, and one of the key issues is ensuring next generation voices are heard in every project we undertake. If you have any ideas on how we can highlight this in any of our communities please email me directly ( I'd love to start talking about plugging in some next-gen opinions.

4. Our Top Tip

YOUR PROFILE PICTURE. This is not about vanity, I promise you. Have you noticed how those with pictures show up at the top of the Connect function? neoHome is about our members — you — connecting, which we hope will, in the end, lead to collaborations and then getting stuff done, which will take us way beyond the talking shop. So, please upload your profile picture. It makes you more visible. Other members will find you more easily, as you will appear at the top of searches. It's not how we've designed it. That's how the system works. Show us who you really are and post your pic. 


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