Circular economy has to be about the economics and the potential new growth…..

Jul 20, 2020

Circular economy has to be about the economics and the potential for new growth…..

Economy, society, environment, the interconnected and cascading relationship between all three is absolute. Imagine three overlaid circles with economy at the centre and environment on the outside, each an increasing governing influence and support, as you head from the outside to the centre.


Therefore we cannot and should not avoid the fact that our global way of life, is built with economics at its core. This is fact, whether you like it or not. This then means, if you want to change that system you need to work with it, rather than fight against it. This is the ultimate example of clandestine action. And this is the good news.


By pointing to the economics of a circular economy and identifying the fiscal argument you indeed bring everyone along. By looking at the numbers and the profits, the “old guard” those who have made money and profit and growth over the last couple of industrial revolutions find resonance. A better growth, a growth that brings you closer to your customer/client base, that creates grow in flat markets, that is restorative and regenerative.


For the majority of us who see the global challenges we face, and the negative climate shifts, we demand action. We want change, a change from consumptive and extractive behaviours, to the ones that see an accessible economy for all. So by focusing in on the hard numbers of circularity you get growth, but you also get the added amazing unintended benefits of societal and environment restoration – if you get it right.


So be you, business, government, activist, group, individual or academic. Chasing the numbers in the transition to a circular economy should be your priority. Because the rest, the real benefit to humanity, will follow by default if you get this right. JG.

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